Quick Walkthrough The Conspirator Quest, Soulflayer East


This is the quickest way I know to coplete The Conspirator Quest in Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen without being stuck in Soulflayer cavern for hours.

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  1. Enter Soulflayer Cavern from its east entrance.
  2. Keep going down thru ladders in front of you (near broken bridge), or just jump down to your left.
  3. Keep going down until you are in a rather flat area with no spiders. Look at the flowers in the distance. Aim for the chest, jump across.
  4. Look for climbable terrace, it was marked by a lantern. Climb it to the top.
  5. Slide down, take the RIGHT path.
  6. walk the path. On a clearing, turn 180 degrees and you can see a tall ladder. climb 3 ladders.
  7. Go to the right, run past spiders. And keep watch for a cavern on your left.
  8. Enter the cavern.
  9. When the path splits, go right.
  10. Follow the road until you found a narrow path and a troll (already killed in the video). Kill the troll and move along.
  11. Keep following the path until you found yet another slides.
  12. Carefully slide down.
  13. When you found to flowers, slide to the left. And slide left again.
  14. Walk left until you found another slide.
  15. Slide to the RIGHT.
  16. Done. you’ll find the quest objective scattered on the ground.


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