One Hand Accessibility Mode for OCTOPATH TRAVELER


or see it in action on youtube

I WANT TO PLAY while eating snacks!
I WANT TO PLAY while smoking! (please, stop smoking)
I WANT TO PLAY while texting my girlfriend (!!!!!!! YOU!! YOU!!! go to hell)

I WANT TO PLAY while rocking my baby’s crib 🌛

anyway, here you go! A mod that allows OCTOPATH TRAVELER to be played just by one hand!


  • left controller mode
  • left shoulder = RUN/BACK/reduce boost
  • left trigger = BOOST UP
  • UP = X
  • LEFT = Y
  • DOWN = B
  • RIGHT = A

Planned for the future if i can find a free time and good enough internet

  • right controller mode

If you have special accessibility needs, you can tweet or PM @orangpelupa on GBATemp.

  • the game you want to be modded (hopefully its an Unreal Engine game that I already have)
  • the key bindings (preferably as a picture/drawing of joycon and put arrows and the bindings you want)

How to use

  1. extract and run 8path1hand.bat (10GB free space minimum)
  2. follow the on-screen instruction

Run the game with LayeredFS (or its FSMiTM? i dont remember) enabled.

Thanks to
A. Luigi for QBMS and the unreal tournament 4 script.
masagrator for giving the idea of extraction and confirming it can be extracted
ItsProfOak for showing octopath traveler does can be modded

Octopath Traveler actually already have various bindings for
2 joycons
1 vertical joycon (left or right)
1 horizontal joycon (left or right)

but the options are not in the game. Its probably hidden somewhere… too lazy to search and i suspect they dont even code the proper API to the switch system… (hence the option is not available to user)


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